Abducted. Chained. Violated. LIBERATED

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Small Group can make a Huge Difference!

We brought together for a Group Process project. Our task was simple (okay, it wasn’t that simple): pick a charity and conduct fundraisers to raise money for that charity. We chose the International Justice Mission because of its strong presence and support on campus. During a period of 8 weeks we put together two bake sales and a dinner program. One bake sale was held at WAC. Our second bake sale was conducted at the nearby Untied Community Methodist Church. Finally, we hosted an event at Bar Louie in downtown Naperville. There we were joined by the cast of Elephant’s Graveyard who had their cast meal at our event. In total we managed to raise $335.43. It was an amazing experience! We are all so excited that our hard work and effort can go towards such a worthwhile cause!


iHelp Members

Hywel Griffith, Ana Rivera, Ariel Siever, Marissa Slater, April Vrtis, & Veronica Walker

Monday, May 23, 2011

One Peace, One Love Revisited

Senior Erica McCauley recollects the final two events for Project Liberation:

One Peace, One Love made an impact on the campus of North Central. Although there was a small turn out for each event, it was powerful to see the reactions of those that came to the events not knowing what they were getting themselves into. By involving a local band from Chicago (The Earth Program), IJM raised $120 against human slavery. :0) The following morning, students came through to make their fourth and final button (Liberate), and showed their loyalty to ending slavery. My favorite guest of that Saturday was the man who saw our informational booths, was interested, and stopped by. He literally pulled his car over to learn about modern day slavery, and did not turn around and leave! He stayed and looked/listened to all the information at each booth. It was touching, and an overall amazing experience for each event.
 The Earth Program benefit concert
 One Peace, One Love informational booth event

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Support IJM!

This message is from Hywel Griffith:

Come to Bar Louie in downtown Naperville for appetizers and a drink for $10 at 6pm TODAY (Thursday)! All money goes to the International Justice Mission! (there's also $2 burgers if you're extra hungry!)

Come support and eat delicious food!

Bar Louie
22 E Chicago Ave # 115
Naperville, IL 60540-4987

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Faith, Justice and Coffee!

Join us for the Second Installment of the new Faith, Justice and Coffee series!

What? Please join us over breakfast for a conversation about faith and justice related to specific topics. The second installment of our new series will feature an in-depth look at faith and human trafficking and will be led by Bob Leoni, a socially responsible investment activist with OnPath Financial, LLC of St. Charles.

When? Thursday, May 5th from 7:30 to 8:45 a.m.

Where? Hesed House's Comprehensive Resource Center Conference Room, located at 680 S. River Street in Aurora.

Introductions and networking will start at 7:30 a.m. with the program beginning at 8. We respect everyone's differing schedules and warmly welcome latecomers as well as those needing to leave early!

Complimentary fair trade coffee and a light breakfast will be served.

Everyone is welcome, and I encourage you to invite any others you feel may be interested.

If you are interested, email Jeremy Gudauskas at jkgudauskas@noctrl.edu

Sunday, May 1, 2011


This upcoming weekend we have our culminating events for Project Liberation! (May 6: Invisible Children benefit concert at the Union. 7pm.
May 7: Project Liberation cook-out and fun activities at Jefferson Plaza. 9:30am-2pm).

To get prepped up, we will be having a NINJA NIGHT meeting tomorrow (Monday, May 2) at 6:30pm. The meeting will be located in the Eastman Reading room in Kiekhofer (the seating area at the top of the steps).

We will discuss the upcoming event and then go attack the campus with chalk, posters and all kinds of publicity! COME AND SUPPORT!

Thanks everyone for your help! Looking forward to this awesome week of events!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Painting Umbrellas: Inspire Social Change

Take a look at this opportunity on Thursday:

"Lamb Umbrellas for Peace Project is a global art project involving painting and decorating umbrellas by children and adults. The individual will artistically design umbrellas that represent their personal values of world peace. A subsequent parade happens throughout their neighborhoods or campus. This is a manifestation of the individual bringing peace throughout their world that they live in."

One of the residents in Seybert [Rose Gabler] is the granddaughter of the man who founded the organization. Her family is opening a Museum in Chicago. Part of the grand opening celebration is having 50 painted umbrellas on display. 

Thursday at 9PM, in the basement lounge of Kimmel, we'll be painting umbrellas. No artistic skill is required.

Should anyone be interested, they may call the RA on duty for North End to let them in. The number is on the door [630. 631.3736].

Saturday, April 23, 2011

NCC Invisible Children - 25

 The Invisible Children Program is hosting its nation wide "25" event on Sunday from 7 PM until 8 pm Monday night. The program asks participants to take an oath of silence for 25 hours straight, to represent the 25-year war between the Lord's Resistance Army and Central Africa...a war that has seen the abduction of over 40,000 children.

As part of the "25" program, anyone is encouraged to donate money that funds the necessary technology that will help get these kids out of the LRA. Here is more info on the event and the IC program.


Here is the account we ask North Central College students to donate to.


I know many of us are poor college students that can't afford to give up a little change, but maybe while you see your relatives over this Easter weekend, you can get them to give a little.

To give, you just click on her account and click "donate" and they will ask for the usual credit/card info.